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Alternative Medicine Chicago:
Chronic Illnesses

Dr. Koles uses her experience and knowledge of internal medicine, immunology and pathology, combined with alternative medicine, to identify and effectively treat the following chronic illnesses:

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Many of us who suffer from arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, and other illnesses will most likely be prescribed medication for symptom relief. As we get older, our medication dosage gets larger. But it still only masks symptoms and does nothing to the underlying cause of illness. 

Presently, there are numerous drugs on the market, yet many people feel more fatigued and suffer from more diseases than their grandparents. In this day and age, we have more cases of cancer, heart disease and obesity. We could be living longer, be more energetic, yet there are millions of people in their 20s who complain of chronic fatigue.

It is crucial to understand that we as people are all different. We come in different sexes, have different genetic make-ups, draw on different life experiences and share different values. We come from different backgrounds, see the world through different perspectives, and have different tolerance for stressful situations. There are millions of biochemical combinations which make up who we are. No two people are the same. Each is unique in his/her own way.

The truth is that there is no pill which treats everyone the same. There is no "healthy diet" that's right for everyone. There is no single treatment approach which can be effective without seeing the individual as his/her own separate human being.

This is why we take a different - individualized - approach. Dr. Koles has a wide range of diagnostic tools, which she utilizes to identify treatments that will work for your body and design specialized treatment protocols to help you overcome or prevent illness.

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