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Patient Information

At Optimal Health Center, we have created an inviting and relaxing space where our patients can feel at ease while receiving medical care. Our staff is courteous, informed and will be happy to answer your questions. Relax and enjoy a cup of tea before seeing the doctor. Enjoy the peace and quiet not found in traditional medical offices.


Our Facility

Dr. Koles created the Optimal Health Center to be more than just a doctor's office with exam rooms and a blood draw room. We offer that, of course, but we also have a relaxation room with massage tables and special healing lamps. The office is also equipped with an infrared sauna, which is used for a wide variety of treatments, including heavy metal detoxification. 

Your First Visit:
Your initial visit will include a complete history and physical examination. Please bring with you a copy of your or your child's most recent laboratory results and a chronological list of significant medical conditions, events and vaccinations. It would also be helpful for us to have a photograph that we can keep in your chart. In addition to your medical history, please bring a list of any medications you're taking with dose and frequency information. 

Dr. Koles will review all the information, discuss your concerns, order any additional necessary tests and discuss your treatment plan with you. Typical first appointment lasts 1 - 1.5 hours.


Out-Of-Town Patients and Consultation-Only Patients:
Because of her unique expertise, Dr. Koles is often sought by out-of-town patients for consultations. We suggest your first visit to be face to face in our office and welcome you for detail conversation and exam. Health insurances cover these visits. If you're an out-of-town patient, your follow up consultations may be done by phone. Insurances do not pay for this service. If coming, please provide us with your recent medical exams' results, lab data and prescriptions. If you do not live within commuting distance of our office, it's important to establish yourself with a local doctor to care for your urgent needs. 

Insurance Information & Fees
We will provide you with an insurance claim form for each service you receive at the U-OK Optimal Health Center.

Dr. Koles bills Medicare directly for office visits. Since she is an MD, other insurances may cover her as an out-of-network provider for office visits. If you have questions about coverage for your particular insurance, please call us at (847) 291-0900

Please note that some of our office services, such as chelation, sauna treatments, acupuncture, massage, etc may not be covered.

If you don't have insurance or we don't accept yours, our fees are as follows:

  • First visit lasts about 1 - 1.5 hours. Fees  $250 /hour
  • Follow up visits - $50 per quarter hour

Appointments & Hours
We make every effort to accommodate your needs when you schedule an office visit. 

Appointments are available:
Monday, Tuesday and Friday, 10:00 am–5 pm
Wednesday, 10:00 am - 7 pm

We are closed on Thursdays. Additional hours are available for patients who can't make it during our regular office hours. Call us at (847) 291-0900 to inquire about additional availability. 

Location & Parking
We are located in Northbrook, IL - a north Chicago suburb. Getting to our office is very easy because we're only minutes away from I-94. Please visit our Contact Us page for a map or call for directions. There's plenty of parking available near our office.

Your Questions Are Our Priority
We encourage you to call with any questions concerning your medical care. Our office staff and Dr. Koles are committed to patient education and will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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