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Medical Testing: Functional and Nutritional Medicine

In addition to regular blood tests offered by physicians, such as CBC, chemical panels, lipid and thyroid tests and so on, Dr. Koles offers unique tests you can't find at a regular doctor's office.

Most tests performed at doctor's offices aim to assess pathology and sickness. They are excellent tools for figuring out if any bodily systems are diseased. With the advent of functional and nutritional medicine, tests have also been developed to identify imbalances and interactions of physiological systems. Rather than wait for disease to strike, integrative physicians can identify and treat a functional imbalance before it becomes a real illness. For chronic conditions, functional laboratory tests can help identify the true cause of disease. 

At the U-OK Optimal Health Center, we offer numerous tests that can pinpoint areas of dysfunction in your body. Though we can't list every test we offer, we want to give you a clear idea of testing services available from our office:

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