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Chelation and ozone therapy

CHELATION with EDTA, DMSA, DMPS and Glutathione 

Our bodies aren't very good at expelling heavy metals and toxins. The half-life of mercury in the brain, for example, is more than 10 years. Our ancestors weren't exposed to the heavy metals and toxic food we encounter, so a mechanism for effectively dealing with these toxins never evolved. To keep our bodies in optimal condition, we need to make sure that we aren't "overloaded" with toxins. 

Chelation therapies are meant to do just that - help our bodies get rid of harmful substances. Chelation is the process by which a metal or mineral (such as lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, etc.) is bonded to another substance so it can carry them away in urine, feces or sweat.

Chelation therapy treatments are used for numerous diseases, including autism and post-vaccination syndrome (PVS). They are also used in cardiovascular diseases, heavy metal toxicity, autoimmune diseases and many other conditions. When left untreated, heavy metal toxicity can lead to severe problems in both children and adults. For a detailed list of symptoms caused by different metals, please see here.

Nowadays, many holistic health practitioners offer chelation therapy. However, our chelation programs are different. We offer well-researched and tested gentle chelation methods that rebuild rather than destroy your body. 

OZONE THERAPY (vs. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- HBOT)  


Methods of Administration and Clinical Ozone Gas Application




IV. Ozonated water, juices and oil for topical applications

Dr. Koles Detoxification Programs:

Our Detoxification programs include the following:

Step 1: Identifying your personal needs - Medical testing
One months before a detoxification and chelation program is started, Dr. Koles will order blood and allergy tests along with tests that assess your digestion, GI tract microbial flora, nutritional status and toxicity levels. This will help us tailor your detoxification program and monitor your progress.

Step 2: Pre-treatment - Achieving whole body balance

As the base of our treatment plans, we first help you achieve a whole body balance. We believe that rapid chelation that doesn't take your overall health status can be potentially dangerous rather than helpful.  During the pre-treatment phase, we offer the following:

  • Body meridian stimulation
    This is essential for the proper function of all organs. We use laser auriculotherapy (painless ear acupuncture) and/or classical acupuncture. We combine the acupuncture with myofacial body work and oriental massage. These techniques will help balance your nervous system through a natural detoxification of physiological pathways (i.e. the liver, kidneys, skin).

  • Opening of detoxification pathways
    To effectively deal with a heavy metal burden, you need an open detoxification pathway and you need chemical energy (ATP) within your cells. We provide supplementation with thiamin phosphate and niacin whenever necessary. We also add far infrared sauna therapy, ozone therapy, homeopathy, lymphomassage and acupuncture (acupressure) for general body detoxification balancing and enhancement.

  • Preventive treatment of intestinal imbalance
    We use probiotics, such as Mutaflor, Bificol, etc and naturopathic remedies to treat and prevent intestinal dysbiosis. We also use organic anti-fungal remedies, such as Lauricidin, which is a natural antimicrobial remedy. If you have Candida resistant to natural antifungal remedies (Lauricidin, oregano, Pau d‘Arco, etc), we can add the antifungal drug Nystatin to your treatment. It is safe and can be used even in children.

    We design a diet with different antiparasitic and antifungal foods, including organic garlic, cilantro, grapeseed extract and pectin, ginger, flax seeds, chlorophyll, raw cabbage, sauerkraut, coconut and virgin coconut oil and so on. During this time, raw sweet fruit and juices should be avoided.

  • Pre-treatment for magnetic therapy 
    In some cases, we use magnetic therapy to enhance the detoxification process. 
    If you are considering magnetic therapy for the heart or brain, a two-to-three month pre-treatment period is suggested. In our office, we use special pads and wraps with 4,000 Gauss negative magnetic field which increases ATP energy production within the cells. Sick cells that tend to be affected by heavy metals lack a positive charge. Once treated with a negative magnetic field, it will no longer lack in positive charge and allow itself to be over-calcified and metal poisoned. 

    Detoxifying baths and far infrared sauna
    The chelation pre-treatment should help prevent possible adverse reactions that can occur when chelation begins. The final step is a two-week treatment with detoxifying baths and far infrared sauna therapy. We found good detoxification results in combining  IR sauna with ozone  therapy.

Step 3: Chelation program

  • Gentle chelation first - no EDTA
    Our research and experience shows that chelation should be never begin with any form of EDTA! Administering EDTA first can temporary, but significantly, increase mercury toxicity in the brain (up to 100 times, according to studies on the subject). Dr. Haley at University of Kentucky Medical Center conducted numerous studies on this. You can find them for more information.


Nowadays, almost everyone has some mercury in their bodies. EDTA is a strong lead chelator. If IV EDTA used first, it will not only flush out huge amounts of lead, but also cause cells to be more prone to mercury damage. This can result in severe damage to important brain cell structures called "tubulins", leading to Alzheimer's-like dementia. 

If a person has no mercury toxicity and wants chelation for general treatment, such as for atherosclerosis, impotence, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc., we can begin with EDTA. However, we would test the patient for mercury toxicity first to avoid any potential side effects.
  • Chelation with glutathione
    Glutathione should always be the first agent to consider since it's the body's natural chelating agent. A breakdown in the body's glutathione stores, synthesis and reclamation can be a prerequisite to developing mercury toxicity.


  • Oral or transdermal DMSA/DMPS
    We recommend beginning with the classic protocol of oral DMSA (10 mg/kg ) or trasndermal DMSA for 3 days on followed by 11 days of mineral and nutrient replacement. To read more about DMSA and DMPS, please click here.


  • Rectal EDTA
    EDTA rectal suppositories are added 3 months after initial DMSA (or DMPS, if preferred). We prefer to administer EDTA through suppositories because they're safer, gentler and more effective. You can read more about our rectal EDTA suppositories here. 

    Before starting the rectal EDTA treatment, we first order tests to assess heavy metal toxicity in your urine, blood and feces. We also check liver and kidney function. 

Step 4: Supportive therapy during and after chelation

  • Bowel / intestinal support
    The primary route of excretion for mercury is the bowels. To minimize hepatic reuptake of mercury from the bowels, we use different binding agents, such as chitosan, charcoal and fiber. We also use a remedy called Allochol, which contains charcoal, bile acids and garlic. It has been safely tested by decades in Europe. 

    To improve bowel function during chelation, we also design special cooking plans that utilize quick boiling and frying with no oils or butter. 

    Bowel cleansing using mild laxatives, especially Lactulose, has also demonstrated effectiveness in reducing symptoms from heavy metal movement among our patients.


  • Protecting your kidneys
    Kidney injury is a characteristic consequence of poisoning from mercury. Albuminuria (protein in the urine) is a classic result of this. We recommend push fluids along with a vegetarian, CF/GF, no sugar diet for kidney support. 

    We also add organic Pol-Pola or Parsley containing herbal formulas if any sign of renal damage is present. In cases with renal damage, chelation should be done very slowly with homeopathic and natural remedies, detox baths and infrared sauna.

Our patients are monitored throughout the chelation process to ensure maximum health benefits. To learn more about different chelating agents we use, please click here

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