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New Approach to Autism-Spectrum Disorders and Post-Vacination

At Optimal Health Medical Center, we integrate various complimentary medical approaches to improve the health and wellness of your child. By employing both Western and Oriental medical thought, traditional and contemporary treatments, we help your children to reach a complete physical balance.

If harmful effects of vaccination have been established, we offer post-vaccination treatment. We offer effective urine, hair and stool tests to assess toxicity and monitor therapy progress.


We combine Western holistic methods of treatment with European homeopathy as well as Chinese acupuncture – established traditional and successful treatments. As the base of our treatment plans, we first help achieve a whole body balance for the child. 

We achieve this by beginning with “body meridian stimulation”, which is essential for the proper function of all organs. We use laser auriculotherapy (painless ear acupuncture) and/or classical acupuncture. We combine the acupuncture with myofacial body work and oriental massage. These techniques will help balance your child’s nervous system through a natural detoxification of physiological pathways (i.e. the liver, kidneys, skin). We also add magnetic therapy, lymphmassage and infrared sauna to this treatment.

We use Skin End Point Titration and Provocation/Neutralization techniques for allergy and chemical sensitivity treatment.

In addition, we provide treatment with Methylcobalamin injections,  Vitamins A, C, B3, succinate and amino acids. Like many other DAN! medical offices, we use LDN and  chelation along with DMSA, TG-DMPS, EDTA, etc.

We provide U-OK special protocol for Candida treatment with anti-candida shots, diet, Lauricidin and antifungal treatment, and probiotic supplementation with Mutaflor (Germany).

We also employ homeopathy by using homeopathic dynamized vaccines (MMR, DTP, etc) as prophylaxis of possible vaccination side effects in children. You can read more about homeopathy below.

PANDAS - Our Point Of View On New Tendency


Traditional chelation therapy uses an intravenous drip or push and is administered in an outpatient setting. The number of treatments vary based on each patient's individual condition and goals of treatment. Although IV chelation with EDTA and other chelators have been proven to be safe, we strongly encourage a slower approach with children to avoid a fast and massive heavy metal flush-out.

We offer transdermal, oral and/or rectal chelation protocols with mineral replacement, probiotic support, and dietary adjustment.

Rectal chelation therapy is the newest, easiest, most convenient and efficient technique for detoxifying heavy metals out of the body. This method of detoxification is low-cost, non-invasive, in no way uncomfortable, and generally greatly preferred over IV treatments. To read more about rectal chelation, please click here.

Prior to commencing any EDTA chelation treatment, it is of the utmost importance we ensure that a body balance has been achieved using our Step one in combination with appropriate nutritional supplements in order to prevent possible harmful effects


If harmful side effects of vaccinations have been established in your child, we offer treatment of post vaccination syndrome with homeopathic dynamized vaccines (MMR, DTP, etc). These specially formulated oral remedies are safe and effective and have been successfully used in Europe for many years (Dr. Jean Elmiger, Tinus Smits) as well as for homeopathic prophylaxis of possible vaccination side effects in children.

A follow up with classic homeopathic help is recommended for best results.


  • Metabolic balancing with appropriate detoxification procedures

  • A special European protocol with non-pathogenic E.Coli probiotics in dysbiosis, bacterial overgrowth and indigestion

  • Applied kinesiology (BioSet technigue) in combination with other methods

  • A special diet based on our long-term experience and research of metabolic imbalances in chronically ill patients with diabetes, cancer and obesity

  • A custom home exercise plan for mentally challenged children and adults. 

All methods and techniques are recommended only after an individual evaluation.

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