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Attention Deficit Disorder:

ADD/ADHD sufferers have many faced. A child who's hyperactive or inattentive. A disorganized, unfocused teenager having trouble with school work. An adult who has already lived with Attention Deficit Disorder all of his life.

For ADD/ADHD adults or children and their families, life is a constant struggle. The most common definitions of "success" in our society seem impossible to attain, whether it's a child's ability to stay seated and focused in school or an adult's ability to complete tasks accurately and within deadlines.

ADD (and ADHD) ranks among the most common neurological disorders among American children, affecting up to 5%, or as many as 2 million kids. In every classroom in the United States you can expect to find at least one child with ADHD. While it is not itself a specific learning disability, ADHD can interfere with concentration and attention, making it difficult for a child to do well in school and in social situations.

Unfortunately, drug therapies commonly used to treat ADHD have serious short and long-term side effects and are known to cause permanent chemical changes in the brain. Alarmed by the many drug side effects, concerned parents are seeking ways to find a natural drug-free solution to treat ADHD symptoms.

Common Medication Side Effects Include:

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Tics (facial twitching and paralysis)

  • Loss of Appetite/ Weight Loss 

  • Stunted Growth

  • Unknown Long Term Effects

  • Vomiting

  • Insomnia/ Sleeping difficulties 

  • Abdominal Pain

  • Addiction / Tolerance to Amphetamines

How We Can Help

At the U-OK Optimal Health Medical Center, we integrate various complimentary medical approaches to improve the health and wellness of you and your child. By employing both Western and Oriental medical thought, traditional and contemporary treatments, we help you and your children to reach a complete physical balance.

Dr. Koles starts by figuring out what can be causing your or your child's ADHD. Then, we design an individualized treatment plan that can include the following:

  • Customized diet plan for individuals with food sensitivities, including trigger food avoidance.

  • Special breathing and physical exercise for neuro-balancing

  • Acupuncture (with painless auriculotherapy) for body meridian stimulation 

  • Myofacial body work and massage help to balance the nervous system


Special Cases:

  • In cases of heavy metal toxicity, gentle detoxification program using chelation, magnetic therapy, lymphmassage, polarized light and far infrared sauna

  • In cases of medication side effects (antibiotics, steroids, vaccines, etc.), homeopathic treatment with special drugs and/or vaccine formulas

  • Specially designed supplement protocol for patients with intestinal bacterial overgrowth and dysbiosis with European probiotics and homeopathy

Additional Recommended Treatments for Maximum Results:

  • Metabolic balancing with detoxification for bacterial overgrowth and indigestion

  • Applied kinesiology (BioSet technique) in combination with other methods

  • Individual home exercise plan for mentally challenged children and adults

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