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Medical Weight Loss
Natural Obesity Treatment

For many decades, armies of physicians, scientists, pharmacists and even charlatans, all over the world, have battled a human enemy – obesity, but without much success. Today, 30% of the Earth’s population is overweight. According to conservative statistics, by the year 2025, in the US alone this number will increase to 75%.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, “Losing weight? There is nothing easier – I’ve done it many times myself.” 

The problem is that after strict dieting, the weight often fights its way back. Many different diets exist – no fat, no sugar, protein (meat) diets, fruit diets, cabbage diets, candy diets, buckwheat diets, etc. But none seem to do the trick and people still gain weight and cut their life expectancy for every excess pound. Two out of three Americans are overweight; one out of every four children is obese. This epidemic is so frightening that surgeons are offering stomach reduction operations to teenagers.

What is going on?

There are some basic rules to follow in order to keep yourself in shape. If you want to lose weight, you must first begin thinking positive about your life and body. In real life, there are no magic pills that can make this problem disappear. The only magic is positive thinking and hard work, but the following recommendations might help.

Recommendations for losing weight:

  • Begin with a healthy regime and a good night’s sleep; a bad night of sleep promotes stronger hunger during the day. Snoring and sleep apnea are often causes of progressive weight gain, hypertension, and other illnesses.

  • Take your time, eating in an appropriate environment, following reasonable dietary recommendations. A light dinner with candles and a glass of wine will promote a healthier lifestyle than watching a TV thriller and using your meal for stress relief. The more anxiety on the screen, the more you eat. 

  • Learn to block out stress in your work environment, take pleasure in a hobby, take a walk or practice yoga, but do not depend on food for your pleasure. Depending on food for pleasure makes you a slave to it. Food should be eaten to replenish energy, most importantly. Eat small amounts every 3 hours. Stop drinking soft drinks, juices and alcohol. 

  • To “fool” your eyes when they are still hungry, but your stomach is already full, use small plates. Cut your usual portion in half and chew slowly. Try to get a pleasant taste and specific flavor from every food you eat. Become an expert in tea and cuisine. If you use a lot of salt and sugar in your diet, you cannot appreciate the true taste of your food. A tasty salad is a much healthier meal and supplies you with more energy than half of a fried chicken or a bagel with cheese eaten on the run.

How We Can Help

For some people, however, losing weight can be very difficult. Our comprehensive medical weight loss program can offer the necessary support by taking into account the following important factors:

The first step in balancing nutrition is metabolic typing, technique that gives appreciation of cells' nutrient needs based on their utilization capacity. This will tell the doctor whether you're a slow, mixed or fast oxidizer.

Metabolic typing offers a highly integrated approach to building health and addressing weight loss at a deeper, biochemical level. It allows a way to customize you diet so that it works for you as an individual. Metabolic typing is the culmination of 80 years of research and interrelated discoveries by physiologists, biochemists, physicians, dentists and clinical nutritionists. 

People are also different in their neural reactions. All metabolic pathways are ruled by nervous system (NS). Since different foods and nutrients differ in their effect on the two NS branches, body balance can be strongly affected by the diet. Some nutrients stimulate, strengthen, or support the parasympathetic NS, while having an opposite effect on sympathetic. Other nutrients do exactly the opposite. We offer a special test called Nerve-Express to check your nervous system balance before and during the treatment.

We also check the function of your adrenal glands and thyroid, which can really influence the success of your diet. The thyroid gland activity speeds metabolic reactions. Unfortunately, many Americans don't know that they might be hypothyroid or have auto-antibodies slowing their thyroid gland.

Our livers are responsible for hormone and fat production and elimination. Any imbalance due to alcohol, drug or food over-consumption leads to disturbance in its function, which can cause biochemical and physiological changes in the body ( high cholesterol, poor digestion, hormonal insufficiency, etc.). Our comprehensive medical weight loss program checks for liver function and balance. 

Histamine is a tissue hormone and a neurotransmitter. Its quantity determines some specific neuropsychological reactions and behavior in individuals, their dependence on and preferences in some foods, as well some mineral deficiencies. In severe imbalances, psychiatric disease may develop. High or low histamine levels require proper supplementation for health and weight loss. 

Proper digestion is crucial for normal weight and health. Undigested food particles can harm our immune systems. That's why we make sure that your GI tract is functioning properly.

Pancreas - along with the intestinal wall - produce numerous enzymes, helping healthy digestion and absorption. In some deficiencies and with aging, certain foods cannot be utilized and malabsorption occurs. Supplementation with proper digestive and food enzymes, as well as with vitamins (C, K, etc.) and minerals (zinc, chromium, etc.), normalize digestion, helping to lower weight and improve health.

Food allergies and intolerance play negative role in many cases of chronic diseases, overweight, psychological imbalances. Allergy slows immune and metabolic reactions, leading to illnesses and overweight. Many people who are allergic to some food may craving for it, being compulsive eaters and gain weight.

Blood type approach helps to avoid food that might be immunologicaly provocative, preventing weight loss.

Herbal and Vitamin support is offered to improve fat burning and to minimize food cravings. 

We also create a personalized exercise and mind-body programs to help relieve stress and lessen anxieties.

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