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Cholesterol and Lipid Problems: 
Natural Integrative Treatment


Are you concerned about your cholesterol?

Do you think your risk of heart disease is low if you are in the “safety zone”?

Here is the reality: Thousands of fit, healthy, non-smoking men and women with normal cholesterol levels suffer heart attacks every day. Half of them die without warning. The truth is that high cholesterol tests have only a 10% predictive value for heart disease. Cholesterol is just a scapegoat


Cholesterol does not cause heart attacks or heart disease – atherosclerosis does. This artery disease kills and cripples by clogging and blocking off vital blood flow with clots called plaque. There has never been any medical proof that cholesterol causes plaque.

More than 80% of the cholesterol floating in your bloodstream is produced by your liver. It is essential for all cells in your body - for hormone production, digestion and brain function. A high cholesterol reading is a warning that something is making your liver pump out too much cholesterol. Taking drugs is akin to disconnecting the warning light instead of fixing the real problem. You wouldn’t paint a tree’s leaves back to their green color as they turn brown, would you?

However, most people fail to apply this logic when it comes to managing their own health problems. Don’t be focused on the superficial manifestations of disease. Regardless of what your problem may be - heart disease, obesity, allergy, arthritis or colitis, or anything at all of a chronic degenerative nature – you need to realize that the biochemical makeup of your body is the primary determinant that affects your health.

How We Can Help

All people with elevated blood pressure, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, cardiac arrhythmias, and blood sugar abnormalities have different imbalances and combinations of imbalances at the root of their problems.

We offer metabolic testing to help figure out what imbalances are causing your ills. One of the fundamental benefits of metabolic typing is that it provides a context or frame of reference in which nutrient deficiencies or excesses can be identified and understood.

Metabolic type testing approaches are always geared toward a multidimensional assessment of the body’s overall style of functioning. At its introductory level, metabolic typing uses body language – a vast lexicon of anatomical, physiological, and psychological data – to identify people’s inherited capabilities for transforming foods and nutrients into life-sustaining energy.

After identifying your imbalances, we offer an individualized dietary and supplementation program.

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