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Allergies and Asthma
IgE and IgG Testing and Natural Treatment


In the '50s, 15 percent of Americans were estimated to have allergies. In the mid '80s, statistics said that this number was about 33 percent. These days, estimates say that this number may have risen to a whopping 60-75 percent. 

Many people associate the term "allergy" with hay fever, hives, asthma, eczema. These are common and widely recognized forms of allergy. Unfortunately, there are other symptoms that are not always recognized or suspected. Many traditional allergists believe that only certain substances (dust, pollen, pets, etc) cause an allergy and it can only affect limited and specific parts of the human body: the nose, eyes, lungs, skin.

Recent studies, however, show that brain function, behavior and learning abilities, sleep quality, digestion and even bladder function can be impaired by allergies, especially to food. Specialists in environmental medicine and open-minded physicians believe it is possible that ANY area of the body can be affected by an allergy or food or chemical sensitivity. At the U-OK Optimal Health Center, we have treated many children with attention deficit, behavior and learning problems who greatly benefit from following elimination or rotation diets.

In some patients, adults as well, special blood testing should be performed. Traditional allergy skin tests are simply not sensitive enough to fully assess the allergy profile of an individual. Our body reactions produce different types of antibodies against allergens. Only one type -IgE - is tested traditionally. This allergy, however, could be suspected even without skin testing: a patient gets all the classical symptoms of allergy - itchy eyes, coughing, runny nose, and skin rash. All other types of allergy may present themselves differently in different people. Often, we don't even suspect the allergic trigger of our sickness. Next time you get a headache or muscle pain, or your child wets his pants or cannot get sleep, make a note what you or he had for a meal that day. Don't eat the same food for a week and then try it again. If symptoms return, you have found the enemy.

The only problem is that in our toxic world we might have more than one trigger and a very accurate search for your food and environmental enemies is required. It takes effort and time, but you will be surprised the benefits you and your family members get.


Food allergy occurs when there is an adverse reaction to the ingestion of a food. Any food can produce this reaction. Usually, foods consumed every two to three days are to blame. Most food allergies are caused by an immune reaction to food-specific antibodies (immunoglobulins -Igs). This abnormal response can lead to tissue and organ injury and different diseases, which are some times not directly connected to digestion, suc as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, hyperactivity, insomnia and so on. These numerous illnesses have a basis in allergy to specific foods, elimination of which can bring marked relief. In addition, many adverse reactions to food are triggered by inflammatory mediators (histamine, serotonin, etc.) that also have neurotransmitter functions causing multiple adverse reactions in different sites of the body, including the brain.

How We Can Help

As an immunologist, Dr. Koles is particularly qualified to evaluate, diagnose and treat the immune system - which plays a central role in allergy responses. She keeps up with the latest research and news. This can mean a better natural and physiological treatment plan for you.

At the U-OK Optimal Health Center, we use a variety of tests and therapies to create your comprehensive and individualized testing and treatment plans:


  • Comprehensive environmental-oriented medical history and physical examination

  • Intradermal testing to determine the extent and severity of your allergies and sensitivities

  • Sub-lingual testing with provocation neutralization techniques, in selected cases

  • Testing for various immunoglobulins -IgG, IgE, etc

  • Comprehensive tests for 90 IgGs

  • Applied kinesiology testing (BioSet)

  • Functional medical and allergy testing with samples of blood, urine, stool and saliva


  • Custom elimination/ rotation diets based on test results

  • Allergen avoidance recommendations

  • Herbal treatment with individualized formulas

  • Gentle detoxification

  • Applied Kinesiology treatment (BioSet, NAET)

  • Customized nutritional counseling and orthomolecular support

  • Exotic diet design for severe food sensitivities


How We Can Help

To treat asthma, we offer a comprehensive dietary and supplementation design to get to the very root of your immune responses. 

  • Inhalant sensitivity profile to 36 region-specific common pollens and environmental irritants. Comprehensive antibody assessment is available with the addition of 88 combined or vegetarian foods. 

  • Elimination and rotation diet with vitamins B and C, selenium and magnesium special dose design supplementation. At the same time, we offer metabolism and medication balancing with circadian cycle adjustment.

  • Herbal treatment with custom formulas

  • Breathing techniques (yoga, Buteyko, karmic yoga, paradoxical, etc.)

  • Applied kinesiology testing and treatment (BioSet, NAET)

  • Psychological approach to self-personality with imaging techniques

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