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German New Medicine (GNM)

GNM (German New Medicine) is a new consciousness of disease that was discovered by Dr. R. Hamer, a German Medical Doctor, in early 1980s. Its main revolutionary idea is that our brain possesses an endless and inexhaustible self-healing wisdom that may heal numerous diseases.  Dr. Hamer systematized a very specific correlation between our complains, physical symptoms, brain and unexpected emotional distress in our live, named as “conflict shocks”. His Five Biological Laws of Nature opened a new era in understanding the reasons of human so called “diseases”.  They systematized that nothing in Nature is an error in human function but always biologically meaningful. Unexpected emotional distress starts the Special Biological Programs aimed at healing. As Dr. R.G. Hamer said, “The differentiation between the psyche, the brain, and the body is purely academic. In reality, they are one.”  

Asking the right questions to the patient we identify his/her distressing event and get a tool to resolve the conflict, and minimize fears around the symptoms and condition, and helps to regain control over the health. Knowing GNM Laws and phase of the Special Biological Program, we can appreciate the symptoms as an opportunity to get a glimpse of what we have to work on emotionally in our lives in order to gain physical relief.

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